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Title: Directions on Grants for International Exchanges of the Indigenous Peoples Ch
Date: 2024.01.03
Legislative: 1.Promulgated on December 27, 2001
2.Amended on May 05, 2006
3.Amended on May 14, 2013
4.Amended on May 15, 2019
5.Amended on January 13, 2024
  1. The Council of Indigenous Peoples (hereinafter referred to as CIP) has established the Directions herein to promote global participation of indigenous peoples from Taiwan, raise awareness on contemporary issues that the indigenous peoples face, contribute and share development experiences, increase the visibility of Taiwan indigenous peoples on the global stage, and expand Taiwan’s roles in the international community.
  2. Use of grants received under the Directions shall be limited to international conventions, conferences, forums, workshops or other events approved by CIP of the following topics/ nature:
    1. Human rights, land rights, right to self-govern, educational & cultural rights, intellectual property rights, social rights, and other rights of indigenous people.
    2. Traditional medicine, social welfare & development, and health advocacy & development for indigenous peoples.
    3. Ecological diversity.
    4. International events hosted by the U.N. and related indigenous communities
    5. Traveling to countries that have signed a memorandum of understanding on indigenous affairs with CIP for exchanges and discussions.
    6. International events related to the industries, trading, and technologies of the indigenous community.
    7. Exchanges between NGOs or other events are in line with CIP’s mission, supports policy objectives or that is otherwise approved by CIP.

Either local or foreign institutions, organizations or groups may also receive grants for hosting aforementioned events.
The first item (I) does not include international exhibits or performances on culture and art.
  1. Eligibility & Requirement:
    1. Taiwanese individuals:
Must have relevant domestic or international field experience or related publications (evidence required); priority consideration will be given to indigenous people.
    1. Taiwanese institutions, organizations or groups must be one of the following:
      1. Government authorized indigenous peoples organizations or groups
      2. Accredited schools and academics research institutes(including religious schools with strong relationships with the indigenous community)
      3. Other Institutions, organizations or groups with experiences in hosting international exchanges among indigenous peoples.
    2. International Applicants:
      1. Institutions, organizations, groups or individuals from Austronesian regions:
        1. Schools of all levels.
        2. Academic institutions, organizations and groups
        3. NGOs.
        4. Media.
        5. Politicians, scholars, and entrepreneurs.
      2. Other applicants being beneficial to the international exchange of Taiwan indigenous peoples.
   Taiwanese institutions, organizations or groups applying for the grant under the second category must have at least 5 members travelling abroad of which over half are indigenous people.
  1. Required Documents:
  Applicants shall submit the following documents (including electronic files) to CIP 14 days before the event begins. The postmark date will be deemed as the date received; for on-site application, the received date will be logged in as the submitted date; the documents should arrive between 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on CIP’s working days; late applications will not be processed. Applicants with missing documents shall submit it to CIP before the designated time (please refer to the above for definitions of date received), late documents will not be processed:
    1. Taiwanese individuals:
      1. Copy of invitation issued by the organizer and, if necessary, the original one may be required.
      2. Grant Application Form (Annex 1).
      3. Personal Information Form (Annex 2).
      4. Event plans, e.g., published articles, reports, and slides.
    2. Taiwanese institutions, organizations or groups:
      1. Copy of invitation issued by the organizer and, if necessary, the original one may be required.
      2. Copy of business license or articles of incorporation.
      3. Grant Application Form (Annex 1).
      4. Institutions, organization or group information Form (Annex 3).
      5. Event plans.
      6. Application letter.
    3. International institutions, organization, and groups or foreign persons:
      1. Grant Application Form (Annex 1).
      2. Foreign individuals shall submit copy of the invitation issued by the organizer and, if necessary, the original one may be required. Foreign individuals must also submit their Personal Information Form (Annex 2).
      3. Foreign  institutions, organizations or groups shall submit a copy of their business license or articles of incorporation as well as a General Information Form (Annex 3).
      4. Event plans.

   Download application documents listed in the Directions from CIP’s official website (
  1. Review Procedure & Criteria:
    1. A designated committee will review applications based on the following criteria within 15 days:
      1. The event is corresponding to the Direction’s mission and objectives.
      2. Relevance of CIP’s work.
      3. Applicants designated and invited by the organizer, e.g., appointed moderator or invited as keynote speaker.
      4. Experiences in relevant events or activities.
      5. Events scale and participation of other countries.
      6. Plans for advocating for related issues after return.
      7. Foreign language capabilities.
      8. Funding request and sponsorship from other agencies.
      9. Usage rate of indigenous languages.
    2. When three or more individuals OR two or more institutions, organizations or groups apply for grants for the same event, CIP may, select no more than 5 persons to form a group and participate in the event.
    3. Whenever the plan has changed, applicants shall submit related documentation or the Change Request Form (Annex 4) to CIP for approval.
  1. Grant Criteria:
    1. According to the committee and CIP, there will be a maximum grant per person based on where the event is located (please refer to the annex).
    2. Expenses that are covered by the grant include flight fare (including visa fees), living stipend, registration fees, other expenses, attendance fees, service fees, travel & freight expenses, etc. Applicants shall not apply to CIP for the same funding that has already been granted by the organizer or other agencies.
    3. The grant limit (maximum) for non-indigenous individuals shall be 50% of the limit listed in the first item.
    4. For applicants with severe disabilities (evidence required), CIP will offer50% of the grant limit (maximum) as listed in the first item for the travel expenses of a caretaker if necessary.
    5. Institutions, organization or groups that apply under Article II Section II shall receive a maximum of NT$ 500,000 in grants.
   Any international events recognized by CIP to improve the status of Taiwan indigenous peoples, to be of diplomatic significance, to support policy objectives, and to bid for the hosting rights of international events are excluded by the limitation of the grants.

In cases where the application meets the criteria outlined in Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the Indigenous Languages Development Subsidy Regulations, the maximum amount of grant for each case, according to the usage rate of indigenous languages, may receive an additional fifty percent increase to the amount stated in the preceding paragraph.
  1. Payment Procedure:
    1. The approval recipients shall submit (please refer to Article 4 for definitions of date received) the following documents to CIP within 30 days of the event ending for disbursement; CIP may cancel grants in the event of late submissions.
      1. Receipt to CIP.
      2. Funding Status Sheet and Expense Sheet (listed actual expenses and other sponsored amount and account titles)
      3. Original invoices and receipts; for example, to reimburse flights, please submit ticket stubs (or e-ticket), payment approval (for international flights, please submit receipts from the airline, invoices from the travel agency, or other documentary payment approval).
      4. Currency Exchange Receipt; exchange rate for those that did not settle foreign exchange transactions will be the spot selling rate for USD as listed by the Bank of Taiwan one day prior to departure (the date will be traced back to the last working day during weekend).
      5. Final Report (including photos, published papers, slides, benefits, etc.) in duplicate and an authorization letter for the report.
      6. Bank Account
    2. If the total expense is less than the amount requested, CIP will assess and reduce according to the proportion.
    3. Approved applicants shall act in good faith and be responsible for the authenticity of payment documents. CIP may withdraw grants, return grants, and withhold grants for 1 to 5 years based on the severity of the situation given any falsehoods or fraudulent behavior. Similarly, any violation of regulations pertaining to sexual harassment prevention and gender equality is also applicable.
    4. Approved applicants that are foreign institutions, organizations, groups or individuals shall submit invoices, original documents, and final reports. Applicants that meet one of the following below are excluded
      1. Academic research, exchange programs or events by foreign agencies, organizations, groups or persons. Recipients shall submit project outcome reports or a description of the events at project closing.
      2. Given special circumstances where the recipient is unable to obtain original documents or the documents are illegible, CIP may assess the importance and benefits of the project, reimburse expenses, and detail causes for the special circumstances.
  1. Supplementary Provisions:
    1. Individuals are eligible to 2 approval cases towards the attendance of international exchanges of the indigenous communities outside of Taiwan each year; each institution, organization or group is eligible to 1 approval case, capped at NT$150,000, each year. Exceptions will be granted to those applying under CIP’s policy needs.
    2. After the event, approval recipients shall submit the slides, speech materials, and related documents to CIP. Approval recipients shall authorized CIP the copyright of final report to fair use on non-profit situation; ,also to ensure that any third-party’s copyrights are without prejudice, if there are any violation to CIP’s right, approval recipients shall be liable for all damages.
    3. CIP may evaluate the benefits gained from approval recipients participating in the international event; those that are deemed excellent will be given priority when applying for grants to attend the same event next year and will be listed as a consulting agency, organization or group to CIP.
    4. Approval recipients shall not engage in any activities that will jeopardize national security or interest; violators will be subject to returning the grant and further applications will not be processed.
IX.The Directions and its subsequent amendments will be announced and implemented upon review by CIP.